Both frames and lenses distributed by KIDOPTIK benefit from guarantee for a duration of 6 months.

The guarantee is based on the purchase invoice.

The warranty does not cover damage due to gross negligence  or misuse of the products (bothe frame and lenses)


Both frame and lens must not come into contact with salt,be exposed to temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius (forgotten on the board of the car during summer or near sources of heat in the winter, near the oven, etc.).


Also,they must not come in contact with strongly acidic or alkaline solutions (Hairspray,  spray to clean the oven etc) or alcohol based solvents or acetone.


The eyeglass napkins sold in supermarkets spoil the antireflex layers or blue coat layers of the glasses.Hand soap and dish detergents also spoil the antireflex layers as well the blue coat layers.Always  wash the lenses with a little water(preferably distilled water) and then clean them with solutions dedicated to that purpose.(sold in optic shops)


Never clean the lenses when dry .Always use maintenance solution and microfibre cloth .Otherwise you will scratch the lens beyond repair.


Place and remove the frame with both hands.When not using your glasses keep them always in their container.


Never force the frame.You risc to unbalance and spoil it.Always go to an optic shop for any adjustement and repairs.


Adjusting the frame is free for the duration of the warranty.


If it is noticed that there are damages due to inappropriate use or the guarantee period has expired you may be charged an amount of money for those services.


The cost of sending a parcel from Kidoptik to clients and vice versa is supported by the client.We do not charge for the service of parcel packing and  delivery to curier , but the post  or  curier have to be paid from the cliend for their services.

Thank you for your understanding!

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