-How do I know if the frame fits my face properly?

If you have an old frame, measure its width and add 2mm

Each frame sold by us has the width indicated.

How do I know the with of the frame I wish to buy?

If you do not have an old frame, measure with a ruler the distance from the corner

of the right eye to the outer corner of the left eye and add 4-5mm.

-If the frame does not fit me can I return it?

Yes, you can return it by paying the shipping cost and you will get your money back.

I want the glasses made based on the recipe and not just to buy the frame. How do I proceed?

If you have a prescription with the ophthalmologist’s seal we can make the glasses!

But keep in mind that the lenses are processed,cut and polished and they cannot be returned back to us in case you do not like the frame or you will not like the way you see with the glasses.

You can call us at 0757368910 or write us at comenzi@kidoptik.ro.for any details or information requiered

The cost and variants of the available lenses will be communicated to you in writing before you place an order!

Thank you for buying from us!

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